President Edgar Lungu asked to cancel referendum on the Bill of Rights.

Former Msandile Ward Councillor, Hanille Jere has asked President Edgar Lungu to withdraw the voting in the national referendum on the Bill of Rights.

Ms Jere says that Zambians do not need to vote for the enhanced Bill of Rights because they are fundamental human rights which they are entitled to.

She told Breeze News that these are rights, which were given freely to Zambians by the United Nations on December 10, 1948.

Ms Jere argued that according to the United Nations, these rights are supposed to be enjoyed by every human being on earth.

She pointed out the need for the Zambian government to ensure that its citizens enjoy their rights because they have assisted to develop many countries.

Ms Jere says that she was prompted to make the appeal to the head of state after seeing that no one had raised the issue of why Zambians should vote for what is entitled to them.

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