President Edgar Lungu calls for more involvement of Zambians in the mining of copper.

Republican President, Edgar Lungu says that government needs to improve monitoring and auditing of copper mining to ensure that the sector is effectively taxed for the benefit of Zambians.
And President Lungu has called on all Zambians to continue with the divine task of building a free, stable, peaceful and prospers Zambia.
Speaking on the eve of Africa Freedom Day in his address to the nation last evening, Mr. Lungu observed that Zambia is not benefiting much from its copper proceeds.
The president noted that this calls for ensuring that Zambians become major suppliers to copper mining companies and promoting value addition through copper processing.
Mr. Lungu further noted the need for Zambians to partner with foreign mining companies to ensure job creation and returning of some of the copper proceeds.
He however, observed that despite copper being a major pillar to Zambia’s economy, its exposes the country to instability whenever prices go down.
And Mr. Lungu says that the task of Zambians is to emerge as major enterpresures with the added capacity of investing both in Zambia and other countries.
He noted that government has embarked on a decentralisation programme aimed at bringing services closer to the people so that they fully enjoy the material benefits of freedom from colonial rule.
President Lungu also reminded Zambians that they face key challenges like high disease burden, corruption, high poverty levels, needed employment opportunities, continued underdevelopment in rural areas, unplanned urban and rural areas and national housing deficit.
He noted the need for Zambians to rise to the occasion in the face of these challenges and forge ahead to ensure prosperity for all Zambians.
Meanwhile the head of state urged Zambians to continue with the spirit of national building as they conclude the celebrations of Zambia’s 50th anniversary in October this year.
He stated that Zambians need to consolidate the achievement of founding fathers in national building, meet challenges which the country faces and ensure that the next generation has a country that is prosperous, united and respected to the community of nations.

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