President Edgar Lungu declares Chipata a city

President Edgar Lungu has declared Chipata a city.

Speaking during the occasion this morning held at Chipata Municipal Council, President Lungu stated that Chipata has the needed infrastructure to be declared a city.

He said that the declaration of a city meant that the district now has the potential to attract more investment.

Meanwhile Minister of Local Government and Housing, Vincent Mwale has paid tribute to President Lungu for fulling the dream of people in Eastern Province to have Chipata declared a city.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Mwale stated that people in Chipata and Eastern Province have been waiting anxiously to have Chipata declared a city.

And Mr. Mwale explained that government is committed to ensuring that the operations of local authorities across the country are improved.

He says that this is among the reasons while government has been implementing the decentralization policy.

The minister challenged councils in the country to emulate Chipata Municipal Council so that they can be upgraded to municipalities and cities.

Meanwhile President Edgar Lungu has expressed happiness with the unity being exhibited by Zambians in Eastern Province.

Speaking upon arrival at Chipata Airport where a huge crowd of people from all walks of life welcomed him, Mr. Lungu was particularly happy that the crowed included members of some opposition political parties.

He said that the presence of the opposition leaders was an indication that the country believes in the One Zambia One Nation motto.

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