President Edgar Lungu observes lack of investment in the agro processing industry.

President Edgar Lungu has observed that not much has been invested in agro processing.

Speaking when he met agro dealers in Chipata this morning, the head of state called for value addition to agricultural produce.

President Lungu says agro dealers and banks need to work together with government to develop the sector.

Mr. Lungu also says that banks can help in the development of the sector by providing affordable loans to small scale farmers.

President Lungu further says that there is need for agro dealers to provide a variety of crops in order to promote diversification.

He noted that in Eastern Province, farmers concentrate on growing maize when there are other crops they can also grow adding that the region needs to embrace other crops.

Meanwhile President Lungu has urged farmers to start planning how they will utilise the railway line to improve the agricultural businesses.

He says that this is despite the project of connecting Chipata railway line to Mpika via Petauke being a four year project.

And representing other agro dealers, Abdul Almed said the challenge is that e- voucher cards delayed to be activated.

He explained that cards where activated on 3rd January but most farmers had already planted recycled seed.

Mr. Almed appealed that the cards need to be activated quickly so that farmers can choose from which agro dealers to deal with unlike the current situation, which is restrictive.



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