President Edgar Lungu opens parliament

President Edgar Lungu has officially opened the first seating of the 12th National Assembly, where he gave an outline of his government’s developmental priorities in various sectors.

Of major interest to people of Eastern Province, is President Lungu’s announcement that his government will prioritize the connection of Chipata railway line to Tazara.

President Lungu said that the construction of the 388.8 kilometers line from Chipata to Serenje will go through Petauke.

He also explained that another railway line will be constructed from Seluka in Central Province via Tazara to Mpulungu.

President Lungu said this will be done through government’s plans to continue improving the railway system in the country that will connect to various principle ports.

President Lungu also talked about the importance of a good road network, where he said the link Zambia project is still underway, but emphasized that priority will be given to what he described as economic roads, including feeder roads which are important to the agricultural sector.

On corruption, money laundering and drug trafficking, President Lungu said his administration will take the fight to all corners of the country in both private and public institutions.

Mr. Lungu says that corruption denies Zambians the development they long for by robbing the country of resources and called on Zambians to report any form of corruption regardless of where it manifests.

On education, President Lungu emphasized on the importance to improve skills training especially among the youths.

He explained that to ensure this, government will ensure that infrastructure is put up to provide good skills training, which can also help create employment among youths.

The President also touched on the provision of health services, where he said government will prioritize the provision of primary and secondary health care as well as improved nutrition especially among children and women.

He also indicated government’s desire to have a malaria free Zambia by 2020.

Meanwhile, President Lungu announced his desire to create four new more ministries.

These are the Ministry of Presidential affairs, Ministry for Water and Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Ministry of  Housing and Infrastructure Development and Ministry of religious affairs and National guidance.

On media freedom, president lungu said that having more media organizations has helped improve the country’s good governance as people have access to information.

He has however said media should not be used to promote hate speech and cause divisions and should not be hijacked by what he described as merchants of ill will and venomous slander.

President Lungu also said Zambia will continue with its good relationship with other countries, and will continue promoting peace at home and abroad.

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