President Edgar Lungu says he wont manipulate the constitution to extend his rule

President Edgar Lungu has dismissed assertions that he wants to manipulate the country’s constitution so that he can rule up to 2022.
Speaking upon his arrival at Mfuwe International Airport at about 11:55 hours, Mr. Lungu says that he respects the republican constitution and will stick by it.
ZANIS reports that the head of state explained that he would re-contest the presidential election next year if the constitution allows him to do so.
And the president explained that he respects democracy, stating that people would vote for the opposition if they felt that they would perform better than PF in government.
Meanwhile President Lungu has told Zambians living in the diaspora that government remains committed with the agenda of increasing economic growth for the well-being of the citizenry.
President Lungu says this commitment is already receiving attention as a number of developmental projects such as road construction, hospitals and schools among others are on course.
ZANIS reports from Maputo that President Lungu made the remarks during his address to the Zambians living in Mozambique at the High Commissioner’s residence last night.
And on the issue of the constitution making process, the President challenged Zambians to read and understand the legal document if issues were to be debated professionally and correctly.
President Lungu expressed sadness that following hearsay kind of information can be detrimental in achieving economic development.
The current status core on the constitution is that a lawyer Amos Mapulanga has sued President Lungu on the basis that he has intentions of changing the constitution on the holding of the 2016 presidential elections to 2020.
President Lungu reiterated his commitment during his address to the Zambians living in Mozambique that he swore to defend and protect the constitution on behalf of the people of Zambia.

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