President Edgar Lungu to meet Tonga chiefs over Chama’s alleged tribal statement

President Edgar Lungu has called for a meeting with Tonga chiefs on Tuesday next week to dialogue over concerns arising from remarks attributed to PF Secretary General Davies Chama.
And president Lungu has directed that the planned Tonga meeting advertised as ‘Chuundu Chaitwa’ in Monze district goes ahead without disturbances.
This is according to a statement availed to Breeze News by President, Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson, Amos Chanda last evening.
Mr. Chanda says that the president has called for the meeting to bring to an end the divisive sentiments some sections of society were fomenting to sow seeds of discord in the nation.
And Mr. Chanda says that President Lungu is a firm believer in the fundamental freedom of expression, assembly, association and liberal values that have made Zambia exceptionally tolerant society where people value, rather than fear diversity.
He says that this is the more reason why the Tonga meeting scheduled for this Sunday should go ahead unhindered and with full protection of the police.
The president says that those with opposing views to the conveners of the meeting should not interfere.
And President Lungu has instructed all ministers, PF senior officials and party functionaries to cease all forms of commentary on the matter and resist any temptation to mobilise and galvanize on grounds of ethnicity or religion that may pose a real danger to Zambia’s social cohesion.

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