President Edgar Lungu warns conmen swindling people in Eastern Province.

President Edgar Lungu says he will not allow Eastern Province to become a bedroom for what he has described as conmen.

Speaking upon arrival at Chipata Airport this morning, President Lungu says people in the province have lost money through various scams where they are cheated to be helped.

Mr. Lungu has therefore, directed the police to investigate and arrest all those involved in the Ikulile Initiative Enterprise, regardless of whether they are from the ruling party or government officials.

And the President says the case in which several bags of maize were intercepted at Mwami border must be concluded quickly.

He says that the case will not just die quietly as long as he is in charge and directed that all those involved in the illegal maize exports be arrested.

Mr. Lungu says that this will increase people’s confidence in the system.

The President also thanked the ZNS, Zambia National Service, for working hard to reduce the illegal exportation if Mealie meal and maize, but hoped that the officer don’t get contaminated too.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says there is need for business people to be realistic and bring down the prices of goods following the fall of the US dollar against the kwacha.

Mr. Lungu says he is also in the province to find out from Mealie meal dealers why the price of the commodity has remained high.

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