President Edgar Lungu’s performance in the 100 days of being in power described as good enough.

President Edgar Lungu’s administration in the last 100 days of him being in power has been described as good enough.
Former Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale, says that President Lungu should be praised for efforts made to continue the Michael Sata legacy during his tenure of office.
Mr. Mwale observed that President Lungu has not had it easy so far, as he took over the leadership of the country at a time when the Kwacha has been negatively affected by trends on the international market.
He added that the tribalism that arose during the election period had the capacity to divide the country, but that President Lungu has managed to keep all tribes unified.
Mr. Mwale called for constructive criticism from members of the opposition for the good of the country, instead of politics of insults.
He says that there is need to uphold the peace that Zambia has enjoyed ever since independence, by embracing one another despite the different political affiliations.
President Lungu, who was elected into office after the January 20th presidential election has been in office for the last 103 days today.

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