Price of mealie in Chadiza district reach 85 Kwacha for a 25 kilogramme bag.

Mealie meal prices have continued to rise in Chadiza district in the last three months.

A 25 Kilogramme bag which was being sold between 70 and 80 Kwacha is now selling at 85 Kwacha.

The retail traders have attributed the rise in prices of the staple food to the increase in order prices from wholesale traders.

The retail traders, who have not disclosed as to how much they are buying a bag of mealie meal, say that wholesale traders have also indicated that there is high demand for the commodity.

And some residents spoke to by Breeze News, say that the increase has affected them because they cannot afford to pay 85 Kwacha for a bag of mealie meal.

Meanwhile the residents have also complained over the 85 Kwacha price at which a 50 kilogramme bag of maize is sold by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.

Nelson Ngoma, a businessman says FRA should reduce the price because the agency is a government institution meant to help the country in terms of food security.



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