Prices of mealie meal go up in Chipata

The prices of mealie meal have again gone up in Chipata district.
A check by Breeze News this morning found that most shops in Chipata have increased the prices of the staple food further than it was last week.
Last week a 25 kg bag of mealie meal was costing 95 Kwacha and 100 Kwacha but the same commodity is now selling 110 Kwacha and 115 Kwacha respectively.
The increase has raised fears amongst the residents of Chipata that if the increments continue, the price might go up to 120 Kwacha by the end of this month.
And in a related development a 5 litre container of grain maize is fetching 12 kwacha and 14 kwacha while to grind a 20 litre tin people have to pay 12 kwacha.
Some millers talked to say the increase is due to high ZESCO tariffs.

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