Prices of mealie meal have continued to go up despite government recommended price.

Mealie- meal prices in Chipata have continued to soar high despite government reducing wholesale prices on two occasions this year.
A check by Breeze News found that most retailers are selling a 25 Kilogramme bag of break-fast mealie –meal between 64 and 75 Kwacha.
However, Agriculture Minister, Given Lubinda, last month announced a further reduction in the wholesale price of mealie-meal from 61 Kwacha for a 25 Kg bag of breakfast mealie meal to 56 Kwacha.
Mr. Lubinda had appealed to retailers across the country to stick to the recommended retail margin of 3 Kwacha per 25Kg bag of both roller and breakfast meal.
This means that the maximum price for a 25 Kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie –meal is supposed to be 59 Kwacha.
But when spoken to, some of the retailors warned that they may even have to hike prices further due to the Kwacha which has been unstable for months now.

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