Prices of most essential commodities hiked in Chipata and Lundazi districts.

Prices for most essential commodities in Lundazi and Chipata districts have continued going up.

A check by Breeze Business News found that prices for most essential commodities for both retail and wholesale have been adjusted upwards.

750 mils of cooking oil is now being sold at 15 Kwacha, boom laundry soap at between 12 and 15 Kwacha while boom paste has been pegged at 12 Kwacha.

A 1 kilogramme pocket of sugar has moved to between 8 Kwacha and 8 Kwacha 50 Ngwee.

Even prices for snacks like jiggies have been increased by 50 per cent from 50 Ngwee to one Kwacha.

A 10 kilogramme bag of flour, which was previously being sold at 60 Kwacha, is now 68 Kwacha.

Some consumers have in some instances been treated to a rude shock as shop owners have been adjusting prices two to three times in a day.

And traders talked to, attributed the increase in the price of commodities to the continued weakening of the Kwacha against other convertible currencies like the US dollar.

A further check at some banks in Lundazi found the US dollar trading at 12 Kwacha 50 Ngwee while the British Pound was trading at 18 Kwacha 90 Ngwee.

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