Production of vegetables in Chipata affected by water problem

The Ministry of Agriculture has observed that that supply of vegetables in trading areas like Saturday Market in Chipata has reduced.
Speaking to Breeze News, Acting Husbandry Officer, Maston Tembo has attributed this to climate change, which has affected the rainfall pattern, resulting in less water for irrigation in gardens.
Mr. Tembo says that this situation is likely to push up the prices of vegetables in the near future.
And Mr. Tembo says Chipata has faced serious effects of climate change like drought, which has resulted in crop failure, less water for irrigation and creation of breeding grounds for crop pests.
He however, says that the Ministry of Agriculture is encouraging farmers to engage in conservation agriculture, crop diversification, mixed farming and trapping of water for irrigation to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Mr. Tembo pointed out that farmers, who have already started practising these farming technologies have performed better compared to those who have not.

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