Property worth about 100,000 Kwacha destroyed by fire at Dean’s Hill View Lodge in Chipata.

Property worth about 100,000 Kwacha has been reduced to ashes, after a fire gutted two chalets at Dean’s Hill View Lodge in Chipata.
Speaking to Breeze News, Kamalizya Kaluba, a worker at the Lodge explained that unknown people, who were burning rubbish outside the lodge premises started a fire, which spread to the two chalets.
Mr. Kaluba explained that efforts to quench the fire failed while the Fire Brigade arrived on the scene late.
And Chief Fire Brigade Officer, Fackson Mbewe told Breeze News that the team arrived at the scene late, because they were attending to another fire, which gutted a shop at Kapata Market.
Mr Mbewe said that the team also faced a challenge when the fire tender ran out of water while fighting the inferno, and had to rush to Lutembwe dam to fill it up.
He said that his office has only one fire engine but that government is already aware, and doing something to acquire another one.

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