Provincial Cultural Officer accuses head office of undermining him

Mismanagement of facilities under the Department of Arts and Culture in Eastern Province has been attributed to lack of communication from the headquarters in Lusaka.

Provincial Cultural Officer, Gideon Kapamlomo, told Breeze News during a Budget tracking tour of Chipata Cultural Village that the channel of communication from the headquarters is poor.
He says people at the headquarters do not involve him when coming up with programmes of managing the facilities for Eastern Province as he only receives directives.
Mr. Kapamlomo says this has caused confusion in the management of facilities at the Cultural Village.
He reiterated that the Provincial Cultural Office does not benefit from the rentals paid for the bar and restaurant at the government owned Cultural Village.
Mr. Kapamlomo says if the Ministry does not improve its channel of communication, the same might happen to the newly constructed 8 chalets, where money will be benefiting those in Lusaka and not the province.
Mr. Kapamlomo explained that the Cultural Village is supposed to benefit the local people, especially the youths in terms of employment.

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