PS Chanda Kasolo directs that no one should interrupt road works on Umodzi Highway in Chipata.

Government has instructed that Monta-Engel, the contractor working on Umodzi Highway should not be interrupted in its work.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that the road works that Monta-Engel is carrying out are very important to the people.

Mr. Kasolo says that this morning, he held another meeting to look at concerns from the company, after it felt threatened by PF youths, who are putting up a car wash too close to where Monta-Engel is carrying out its works.
The alleged threats from PF youths have led to disruption of road works on Umodzi Highway.
On Wednesday, PF Provincial Chairperson, Attan Mwamba, acknowledged the misunderstandings involving youths from his party.
Mr. Mwamba explained that the party apologized to both the council and Monta-Engel.
He assured Monta-Engel that the youths will not disturb the works, stating that the car wash will only start operating after the road works have been completed.

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