PS Kasolo and DCs accused of campaigning for PF

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has been accused of playing double standards when dealing with civil servants involved in active politics.

Some Chipata residents have alleged that Mr. Kasolo has deliberately ignored district commissioners, who are openly campaigning for the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party despite being civil servants.

One of the residents, Charles Phiri has charged that Mr. Kasolo is also actively involved in campaigning for PF and wondered why he is charging other civil servants.

But when contacted, Mr. Kasolo denied playing any double standards in the matter, stating that his disciplinary actions are based on evidence.

He explained that he had to take disciplinary action against one of the officers involved in active politics because there was concrete evidence while another one was cleared due to lack of evidence.

Mr. Kasolo has challenged those accusing him of protecting district commissioners to provide evidence so that he can take disciplinary action immediately.

He stated that people need to understand that district commissioners are required to support the government of the day in executing their duties.

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