Public service workers will soon have their personal asserts reviewed.

Government is in the process of reviewing asserts for public service workers.
This follows the reinstatement of abuse of office bill.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone, says some civil servants have amassed a lot of assets at the expense of the poor through corruption and abuse of office.
Mr Sichone has also warned that he will not tolerate inefficiencies in the processing of payments of money for projects to take more than 48 hours as this was delaying the implementation of developmental programmes.
He says that it is disappointing, unacceptable and counter-productive that processing of payments takes as long as one month.
Speaking when he met heads of government departments, the minister urged all the officers in the province to report to him any delay in the processing of payments including personal claims which he said should only take two days.
He reminded all heads of government departments that there were in offices to serve the people of Eastern Province.
Meanwhile, Mr Sichone says that the government does not promote lawlessness where trading is done in the streets.
He was however quick to point out that government will not allow its people to go to bed without a meal in the name of ridding the streets of vendors.

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