Pupils at Magwero School for the Blind appeal for computers

Pupils at Magwero School for the Blind have appealed to government to equip the school with computers to help them start learning ICT, Information and Communication Technology lessons.

Lison Ngoma says pupils with special education needs would love to move with the digital world by studying computer lessons and other practical subjects.

He says special education has helped restore self-reliance and reduced the number of street begging amongst the blind.

Lison further asked government to provide Braille paper and other learning materials to the school.

He also asked government to expand infrastructure at the institution and rehabilitate the existing ones to allow more blind pupils enrol.

Lison says the school has no transport of its own, because of the small and limited number of pupils with no capacity to contribute towards buying of the vehicle.

Last week, education permanent secretary, Henry Chikome, highlighted that it is the responsibility of government to provide special education to the needy.

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