Quality of tarmac being put on the Chipata-Mfuwe road worries residents.

People in Mambwe district have expressed concern with the quality of tarmac being put on the Chipata-Mfuwe road.
The residents have alleged that the road has already developed potholes, when works of completing the tarmac have not been completed or handed over to government.
Andrew Chulu says that the width of the tarmac is too small to withstand the heavy traffic on the road, which also leads to game backs.
Mr. Chulu has wondered what RDA, the Road Development Agency is doing and who is at fault for such works between government and the contractor.
But Sable Construction Company Managing Director, Nazir Aloo says that it is premature for the residents to complain because the tarring works have not yet been completed.
Mr. Aloo explained that the company has not yet applied what he described as double seal on the road, which is the final component involved when tarring a road.
He says that the company is currently working on the Mphomwa-Chisengu stretch and hope to complete working on this area by next week.

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