RB public lecture pleases The Eastern University

The Eastern University has described as a strong send off the first public lecture, which was delivered by fourth republican President, Rupiah Banda.

Eastern University Chancellor, Justine Zulu said that he was impressed that history has shown that the concept of universities being set up by states was relatively new.

Dr. Zulu said that according to history the private sector and entities including the church were in the forefront of formalising learning in institutions.

He stated that this was encouraging to the Eastern University as it prepares to provide high learning to people in Eastern Province and the country as a whole.

Dr. Zulu agreed with the challenge provided by Mr. Banda for the university not to only have a bias towards agriculture but look at a bigger picture and focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

He said that the university’s original focus was on agriculture sciences so that it can hook up with extension services and research facilities along with scientific knowledge.

Dr. Zulu said that the university was alive to the fact that in today’s world, there is no discipline, which can survive without science.

The chancellor revealed that the university was excited because it has 300 hectares of land to expand and focus on agriculture extension services, and other areas of interest.

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