RDA identifying locations for tollgates in Eastern Province

The Road Development Agency RDA is in the process of identifying locations where to build Tollgates in Eastern Province.

RDA Senior Engineer Joseph Mubiana told Breeze news in an interview that the agency has been tasked to identify and build tollgates in Eastern Province after which toll fees will be collected from motorists.

Mr. Mubiana says the charging of toll fee will be done by NRFA, the National Road Fund Agency.

He says so far only one point has been identified at Luangwa Bridge but it has not yet started operating, awaiting other tollgate points to be put in place.

Mr. Mubiana says that tollgates have to be put up on Chipata-Mfuwe, Chipata-Lundazi and Chipata-Mwami border roads.

He says that not until the infrastructures have been built, no toll fee will be collected from motorists in the province.

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