RDA says dual carriageway plans in Chipata not abandoned

The Road Development Agency, RDA says it plans to put up a dual carriageway on Umodzi Highway in Chipata in the near future.

RDA Regional Engineer, Thomas Zimba says RDA may construct a dual carriageway on Umodzi highway when funds are available.

Mr Zimba however, says the construction of a dual carriage way will depend on how heavy traffic will be in the new city of Chipata.

Mr Zimba explained that currently, traffic in Chipata Town is normal at 1000 Vehicles per day.

He says that space is available to expand Umodzi Highway.

And Mr Zimba appealed to motorists to avoid pave stones on Umodzi Highway.

He says most curb stones have been vandalised by motorists but will be repaired.

Mr Zimba says curb stones were put there to provide safety to road users.


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