Re-demarcation of the Zambia-Malawi border displaces Zambians.

Some villagers in Vubwi district have lost their farming fields following the re-demarcation of the Zambia-Malawi border
Speaking to Breeze News, the villagers surrounding Sekani village also complained that they do not really understand the re-demarcation exercise.
The villagers who spoke at a sensitisation meeting on Land matters conducted by Chipata District Land Alliance at Chigwe trading centre, said that they are forced to rent the fields from Malawians.
And commenting on the issue, Chipata District Land Alliance Community Facilitator, Ben Tembo said that the district Alliance will forward the concern to relevant authorities.
Meanwhile Chipata District Land Alliance Coordinator, Allan Kasongo said that the assessment done by CDLA revealed that the people in the area were not sensitised on the boundary issue.
He said the government should now put security on the borders as the people feel insecure. Mr. Kasongo also said that the Ministry of Lands should resettle the affected families.


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