Research on HIV people starts in Eastern and Copperbelt provinces

Tropical Diseases Research Centre is conducting a study to evaluate the nutrition, counselling and support services for malnourished People Living with HIV enrolled in the Thrive project.

Social Scientist Kelvin Kapungu told Breeze News that his institution has partnered with PATH to find the impact of Nutrition Assessment, Counselling and support services.

Mr. Kapungu says the study will involve people recruited in the Thrive Project in some health facilities on the Copperbelt and Eastern provinces.

He says the study is to understand the changes or experiences, physical and social, which have taken place in the lives of People Living with HIV from the time they were enrolled in the Nutrition Assessment, Counselling and Support services.

Mr. Kapungu says a team of researchers from the Tropical Diseases Research Centre has started visiting ART centres in selected health facilities in the two provinces.

He says the exercise which will be done for two months will involve researchers interviewing individuals and groups of people who benefited from the Nutrition Assessment, Counselling and Support services.

He says the information will be kept responsibly with maximum confidentiality it deserves, adding that names, personal details and other clues will not be disclosed to anyone who is not part of the research team.

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