Residents in Chipata cautioned against careless dumping of garbage.

Residents in Chipata have been cautioned against disposing off garbage carelessly.
Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Town Clerk, Eckani Chingangu, bemoaned the illegal dumpsites that are on the increase in various areas of Chipata.
Mr Chingangu has warned residents in Chipata to stop creating illegal dumpsites, stating that the only legal dumpsite is situated opposite Lutembwe Dam.
Mr Chingangu added that the municipal council has penalised people that have been caught disposing off rubbish in undesignated places.
And Mr Chingangu added that the ‘’Keep Chipata Clean Campaign” had been temporarily suspended due to the Chipata Central parliamentary By-election.
The Town Clerk however, says that a committee meeting will be held this week, to discuss the way forward.
Over two months ago, the Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone launched the “Keep Chipata Clean” campaign to address the issue of cleanliness in the town.

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