Residents in Kagunda area in Chipata scramble for rotten fish at a dumpsite

Chipata Municipal Council has launched investigations into allegations of improper disposal of rotten fish in Kagunda area.
This follows a tip from some community members to Breeze News on Tuesday that some people rushed to the dumping sight in a scramble for the rotten fish.
The community members have expressed concern with the action, stating that it poses a health threat, as the dried fish may even be sold in the local markets.
They have called on the council to ensure that people involved in business of perishable goods find the best way of disposing rotten products.
And when contacted, Chipata Municipal Council, Town Clerk Davies Musenge says that the council had instructed the owners of the fish to dispose the fish by burning it using paraffin.
The rotten fish was causing a strong stench in Kapata area where it was being sold from a container.
However, after complaints about the strong smell, the council in collaboration with health workers ordered for the disposal of the whole container of fish.

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