Residents of Katete District loot shops in protest against the brutal murder of 19 year old Naomi Daka.

Residents of Katete District this morning ran amok looting shops at Katete Stores in protest against the brutal murder of 19 year old Naomi Daka before last week.
Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila has confirmed the incident, stating that police have so far picked up some undisclosed number of people involved in the riot.
Ms. Chipalila also confirmed that the riot was in connection with the death of Naomi Daka, a grade 12 school girl of Katete Day Secondary School, whose body was discovered in a bush near the school playing fields on March 23.
She told Breeze News that the volatile situation, which has seen more than two shops being looted, had been brought under control by 11 hours.

Ms. Chipalila, who was this morning forced to rush to Katete to check on the situation and is currently in Chibolya Compound, leading a team of police officers who are recovering goods looted from the shops.
Meanwhile ZANIS Staffer, Lubasi Mutafela reports that more than nine shops, which include, Kavulamungu, Isusyas, Kessons and Paris were looted with some of the shops having more than half of their goods taken.
Two trucks belonging to Paris Shop have had their window screens shattered by the unruly residents, some of whom used their cars to carry the looted goods.
ZANIS says that the residents have accused some businessmen in the district of being behind the death of the girl, an accusation, which has been dismissed by the police.
And Ms. Chipalila says police does not understand why the residents have vented their anger on the businessmen because police arrested the suspect in the murder case.

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