Retired council workers unhappy with delayed payment

Some retired council workers in Eastern Province have demanded that government immediately halts payment to retired council workers in Lusaka.

Speaking to Breeze News, the former workers allege that LASF, the Local Authority Superannuation Fund is using money contributed by small councils in the country to pay terminal benefits to retirees in big councils.

Former Mambwe District Deputy Council Secretary, Willie Phiri says retirees do not understand why only retired workers in Lusaka are being paid while those in rural councils have been ignored.

But Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Housing Amos Malupenga has clarified that LASF is not diverting any money to pay retirees in Lusaka.

Mr. Malupenga explained that former Local Government and Housing Minister, Steven Kampyongo had allowed big councils to sell all none performing asserts to raise funds for paying retirees.

He says that this is however, a challenge with small councils because they don’t have any none performing asserts to sell so that retirees can be paid.

Mr. Malupenga told Breeze News that government is working on a system that will soon empowe

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