Retirees want increased monthly pension

Government has been asked to increase the monthly pension given to retirees.

Zambia National Pensions Authority National Trustee, Shadreck Daka says the current monthly pension that retirees receive is too little to take care of them.

Mr. Daka says retirees are getting a minimum of 300 kwacha per month, which he described as a mockery.

He proposed that government start paying retirees two third of the amount that a serving civil servant gets.

Mr. Daka was speaking in Chipata today during the commemoration of old people under the theme, “take a stand against Ageism”.

He says retirees who retired in 1994 and the year below are the most affected ones, who are getting very low monthly pension.

Mr. Daka says that the number of retirees that get monthly pension in the country currently stands at over 50 thousand.

Mr. Daka also suggested that October 1st should be an annual commemoration for the retired workers so that they are recognized.


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