Road infrastructure development exposes local engineers to managing big projects.

The infrastructure development in the road sector has exposed Zambian engineers to managing big projects.

Engineering Institute of Zambia EIZ Chief Executive Officer, Newton Zulu says that local engineers in the country will now have the capacity to handle projects like the construction of the Great East Road.

He told the media last evening that EIZ was impressed that local engineers were participating actively in these projects because it will assist to build their capacity.

And Mr. Zulu says that local engineers have not been publicly celebrated in the country despite their huge contributions in various areas of development.

He explained that the state of the art EIZ headquarters building, under construction in Lusaka was designed by local engineers but this is not being recognised.

Mr. Zulu says that it is important for people to realise that engineering work is at every level including, manufacturing, energy, water sector and media.

And EIZ has encouraged engineers in Eastern Province to buy shares in the 60 million kwacha project of the EIZ headquarters building, which will see some offices being rented out.

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