Road works on Umodzi Highway to affect ZAMTEL clients

Over 2000 Zamtel clients in Chipata risk being disconnected to accommodate rehabilitation works along Umodzi Highway in the coming five months.
Zamtel Regional Manager Chongo Katapa explained that the company is expected to reroute their cables and that it would take about five months to carry out the exercise.
Mr. Katapa says that Mota Engel have signed a contract agreement with Zamtel where they are expected to pay about 2.7 million Kwacha to buy new materials for the exercise.
He however, says that the procurement process alone would take about three months, with another two months to carry out the actual works.
Mr. Katapa says that negotiations with Mota Engel so far indicate that the contractor would like to commence the actual rehabilitation works by next month.
He says that if Zamtel is not given chance to lay the new connections before the current ones are removed, a number of clients, including business houses and educational institutions will be affected.

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