RTSA records 59 mobile phone related offences

The Road Transport and Safety Agency RTSA has this year so far recorded 59 offences related to use of hand held mobile phones while driving.

Regional Education Officer, Linda Sakala says that offenders involved in these cases have appeared before the Fast Truck Court.

Ms Sakala notes that a lot of people have been involved in road traffic crushes because of what she described as driver distraction.

She pointed out that distracted drivers are very dangerous because it takes less than a second for a driver who has lost concentration to be involved in a road crush.

Ms. Sakala stated that it is very alarming for anyone to drive while using a mobile phone.

She also expressed shock that some drivers in Lusaka have been spotted reading a newspaper while driving a vehicle.

And Ms Sakala says that RTSA does not only end at prosecuting traffic offenders but also sensitising people on road safety.

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