Sable Construction Company delays to resume road works in Chipata

Sable Construction Company says that it is not yet ready to resume tarring works on township roads in Chipata.
Managing Director, Nazir Alloo says that this is because government has not yet sorted out technical issues, which are hindering the company from proceeding with the works.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Alloo could however, not confirm if the technical issues have anything to do with payment from government.
Some Chipata residents have questioned as to why Sable Construction Company has not resumed works when Mota Engil who are working on the Great East Road have started working.
And Mr. Alloo says that rains are also partly to blame for his company’s delay to resume works.
He started that it is very difficult for his company to carry out the works when it is raining.
Early this month, Road Development Agency RDA indicated that most contractors would delay to resume works to wait for the rains to subside.

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