Sable paid over 71 million Kwacha for township road works in Chipata

Over 71 million kwacha has been paid out to Sable Construction Company for the Township road works in Chipata district.

Chipata Municipal Council Assistant Civil Engineer, Tionenji Sakala confirmed this to Breeze News.

Ms. Sakala says that this is out of about 153 million kwacha allocated for the 28.5 kilometers of Chipata Township road works.

Ms. Sakala says Sable Construction Company has already resumed works and has started with Kalindawalo road.

She says that the construction company will work on the 1.5 kilometer roads including Findeco and Katopola-Chizongwe.

Ms. Sakala says that the Chipata Township road works were supposed to be completed on May 15th this year but may delay due to delayed funds and weather pattern.

She added that some parts of Kafula road that have been ripped off will be worked on by Sable during the same period.

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