School administrators continue to send away pupils.

Some school administrators have continued to ignore the directive not to send away pupils, who delay to pay user fees.

The administrators are using PTA, Parents Teachers Associations to enforce the system of sending away pupils, who have not yet paid.

Speaking to Breeze News, some parents, whose pupils have been affected, wondered why their children are being sent away.

Elija Banda and Moffart Zulu complained that they were not in the position to pay the fees until after selling their farm produce.

The parents availed to Breeze News, a note from Anoya Zulu Boys Secondary School, dated 29 July, 2017, which has asked the pupils to pay the fees by today.

The note signed by PTA Chairperson, Gideon Banda states that this is per agreement during the last PTA general meeting by the parents.

However, some parents note that some agreements are pushed through by those parents, who are financially stable, without considering those with various challenges.

Last week, Provincial Education Officer, Dr. Allan Lingambe directed school administrators not to send away pupils, who delay to pay user fees.

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