Senior PF national party officials castigated for visiting Chipata without informing the provincial leadership.

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Chipata Central Constituency has castigated senior national party officials who visit the district without informing the provincial leadership.
Constituency Secretary, William Phiri also says that any PF party official who does not follow party regulations will not be respected.
Mr. Phiri further told Breeze News that party members should avoid receiving instructions from such people because the PF is committed to having a disciplined party.
And Mr. Phiri says that only former Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Lameck Mangani deserves to re-contest the Chipata Central seat if it is declared vacant by the courts.
Mr. Phiri says that this is because Mr. Mangani is the only one who petitioned the results of the September 20 parliamentary election.
He also says that the constituency leadership does not understand why some PF members are fighting over who is going to be adopted when the seat is still occupied by MMD Member of Parliament, Ruben Mtolo Phiri.

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