Serious hunger has hit most parts of Mambwe district.

Serious hunger has hit most parts of Mambwe district.
Mambwe District Council Chairperson, George Banda says the hunger situation is so serious that government must treat the matter as an emergency.
He explained that the relief food which has just been distributed in the district is not enough.
Mr. Banda explained that officers, who conducted hunger survey in Mambwe, did not do a good job, as they did not give accurate information on the seriousness of the problem.
He says that government needs to quickly send more relief food before the situation gets out of hand.
And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says that a follow up will be made to ascertain the situation.
He also appealed to people in various parts of the province to be informing government of hunger situations in their areas so that government is aware and finds means of assisting.

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