Serious water crisis looming in Chipata

Lutembwe Dam One which supplies water to some residents of Chipata may be closed if rains do not start in the next one month due to low water levels.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company EWSC says the dam may completely dry up and that Chipata may face a serious water crisis.

Managing Director Lytone Kanowa told ZANIS when he toured Dam One that the water level in the dam
is at its lowest in the history of the water utility.

Mr Kanowa says that the dam is supposed to be at a million cubic meters but is currently less than 100 thousand cubic meters which is making the water to be low and muddy because it is reaching its base.

Mr. Kanowa noted that the water level has gone so low forcing the company to use Aluminium Sulphate in order to maintain supply of clean water.

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