Serious water problem hits Mwangazi ward in Chadiza district.

A serious shortage of water has hit Mwangazi ward in Chadiza district.

Ward Councillor Petronella Banda says that poor rainfall has contributed to the problem of water in her ward.

The civic leader says that Mwangazi Ward, which has 56 villages, depends on the seven boreholes that are in the area and out of the seven only five are working.

Ms Banda says Kamphaka and Mpungalume zones are the worst affected because these areas have no streams while the two dams were washed away some thirteen years ago.

She however, thanked the Ministry of Local Government and Housing for the five boreholes that were sunk last year but appealed to the ministry to speed up the opening of the two that have not yet started operating.

Meanwhile the civic leader has bemoaned poor staffing at Ngala primary school.

She says the school has three teachers handling grades 1 to 7, which is a huge burden especially that one of the teachers is on leave.

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