Severe hunger hits Malama Chiefdom in Mambwe district.

Villagers in Chief Malama’s area in Mambwe district have been hit with severe hunger.
Malama Ward Committee Chairperson Edward Tembo told Breeze News that people are starving because most of their crops have been destroyed by wild animals and long drought that the area had experienced.
He says animals like bush pigs, elephants and water bucks invade their crop fields leaving people with nothing to survive on.
Mr. Tembo says that government should send a disaster management team to assess the situation because villagers are in dire need of relief food.
Meanwhile Mr. Edward Tembo has praised government for its tireless efforts to develop rural areas through construction of roads.
Mr Tembo says the goodwill should be extended to Chilongozi road which is in a deplorable state adding that the road is important because it is the link between Mambwe and Petauke districts.
He says the road is impassable as most bridges have been washed away by rains.

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