Shops built on Zambia Revenue Authority land at Chanida border in Chadiza district to be demolished.

The Eastern Province Planning Authority has issued a demolition order for shops that were built on land which was allocated for housing units of ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority officers at Chanida border in Chadiza district.
Regional Planner Mukuka Chibwe disclosed this when Provincial Permanent Secretary Bert Mushala took a familiarization tour at the Zambian border with Mozambique.
Mr Chibwe says that the land in question was allocated to ZRA by Chief Mlolo who later released it to private developers before ZRA started constructing the houses.
He observed that the developers constructed the shops without getting construction permits from the local authority.
He says that the demolition order was issued because the shops were built on state land which was already allocated for the construction of housing units for ZRA staff operating at the border.
Mr Chibwe has however, advised developers to seek construction permits before they start constructing structures in any part of the country.
And Mr Mushala says that there is need to find an amicable solution to the problem stating that cases of land disputes in the province were a source of concern.

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