Short route bus operators in Chipata protest over road levy.

Short Route Bus Operators in Chipata this morning protested at Chipata Municipal Council Offices, demanding for the removal of the Road levy.
The Bus drivers who parked over ten buses at the council premises said that they cannot continue to pay 150 Kwacha per month for the services that they do not enjoy.
Police in Riot gear, had a tough time to control the situation as the drivers demanded to see the town clerk, Davies Musenge.
The drivers stated that they were ready to take the matter to Provincial Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo if the town clerk was not willing to see them.
Speaking on behalf of other drivers, Chipata Bus Driver Association Chairperson, Robyn Daka said the 150 kwacha paid to the council is for parking space in a station.
Mr Daka charged that it was however, pointless to pay the money since the local authority has not constructed a station despite the drivers paying the levy for the last three years.
He added that the council has a tendency of charging them a penalty fee of 450 kwacha for wrong parking but they have not provided bus stops.
Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga could not be reached for a comment by Broadcast time as she was in a closed door meeting with the drivers and the police.

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