Shortage of cement has hit Chadiza District for almost two weeks.

Shortage of cement has hit Chadiza district for almost two weeks now.

And residents in Chadiza have expressed concern over the shortage, stating that it is affecting their developmental plans.

Daliso Mwanza and Bridget Sakala told Breeze News that developmental projects, which involve construction works, have stalled because of the shortage of cement.

The residents have appealed to government to investigate why the supply of cement in Eastern Province has become erratic resulting into shortage.

And traders of cement in the district say that they are unable to supply cement because manufacturers of the commodity in Lusaka are facing serious challenges in finding materials used to manufacture cement.

The shortage of cement in most districts of Eastern Province has pushed up the price of the commodity, which is now being sold at between 90 and 100 Kwacha per 50 Kilogramme bag.

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