Shortage of fuel has hit Lundazi district for the past two days.

Fuel shortage has hit Lundazi district sending panic among motorists.
A check by Breeze News this morning found that the only filling station in the district did not have the commodity in stock and was only selling paraffin.
And Service station manager, Alibay Muller, said that both diesel and petrol ran out on Saturday.
Mr. Muller however, refused to give further details referring all queries to Puma Fuel dealers head office in Lusaka.
And local fuel dealers have taken advantage of the situation to sell the commodity at high prices.
The vendors are selling a 2.5 litres container of petrol at 45 Kwacha while 20 litres of the same commodity is being sold at 350 Kwacha.
One of the dealers, Kapatamoyo Jere attributed the high price to transportation costs as they have to order the fuel and diesel from Chipata.

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