Shortage of fuel hits Mambwe district for over one week.

Shortage of fuel has hit Mambwe district for over one week now.
Breeze FM staffer, Diana Ngwenyama reports from Mambwe that the only filling station in the district does not have the commodity in stock.
And speaking to Breeze News, a taxi driver Thomas Mwanza said that they are now forced to buy fuel from vendors, who are selling at a higher price
Mr Mwanza expressed concern that it is a risk to buy the commodity at the black market as it is usually mixed with unknown substances.
Another resident Anette Zulu expressed concern that they had run out of fuel in the midst of the celebration for the Malaila Ceremony.
And the owner of the Filling station, Charl Beuks confirmed to Breeze News that they had run out of the commodity for a week now due to the change of depot from Indeni in Ndola to Lusaka.
Mr. Beuks however, said that he expects the fuel to be in by this Sunday.

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