Shortage of mealie-meal has hit Petauke district.

Shortage of mealie-meal has hit Petauke district barely a few days after retailers reduced the price of the staple food.
A check by Breeze News in most retail outlets found that they did not have the commodity in stock.
The traders had reduced the price of a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie from about 60 Kwacha rebased to 50 Kwacha rebased while others reduced the price to 48 Kwacha rebased.
The price reduction attracted panic buying from the residents.
And some residents have expressed concern that they could not understand how mealie-meal could finish in the whole district.
Republican President, Michael Sata last week convinced millers to reduce the price of the staple food, which had been increased to 80 Kwacha rebased in some parts of the country.

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