Shortage of sign language translators in health facilities annoys the disabled

The shortage of sign language translators in health facilities has irked the Network for Persons with Disabilities in Eastern Province.

Provincial vice chairperson, David Lungu, says the absence of sign language translators has also been compromising the privacy of deaf and dumb patients.

He observed that most health facilities in the province do not have sign language translators, which compromises the communication process between the patients and health personnel.

Mr. Lungu observed that several complaints have been lodged on the matter to the Ministry of Health, but nothing has been done.

And acting Provincial Medical Director, Jailos Mulambya, explained that the ministry is implementing a comprehensive health service provision, covering various categories of people including the disabled.

Dr. Mulambya says through the Ministry of Education, efforts are also being made to educate communities to be able to communicate with the deaf and dump.

He, however, says the efforts are not yet at 100 percent, but is confident that through collaboration with the Ministry of Education, health personnel will be oriented on how to communicate with the deaf and dump.

Dr. Mulambya says this is a sign that something is being done to reduce the challenge, but admitted that more needs to be done.

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