Shortage of staff hits Chipata City Council’s public health department

The Chipata City Council’s Public Health Department has a shortage of staff.

Public Health Department Health Director, Constance Mulenga Chirwa, says the department currently only has five, instead of the required 44 workers.

She says because of this her department is unable to work at full capacity.

Mrs. Chirwa was responding to questions by Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, who was inquiring why the department was failing to pick garbage on time.

She says when Chipata was upgraded to a city, the public health unit was upgraded to a department, but has not received staff.

Mrs Chirwa says the situation worsened following a directive from the Local Service Commission that all councils should trim the number of casual workers.

And Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, noted the need for the department to have more staff.

He says his office will make sure that the department gets more people to enable it ran efficiently.

Mr. Kasolo says in the meantime, the local authority can use inmates from Zambia Correctional Facilities to help in waste management.


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